notable quotes - Ho Peng Kee

'The police have no intention to monitor what takes place online...Neither should Netizens, bloggers and the many of us who regularly send SMS messages worry.' Ho Peng Kee The is the strongest and clearest message coming from the govt that they are not monitoring cyberspace activities. I believe Ho Peng Kee is telling the truth. The police have many more important things to do than to waste public resources on such activities. The only time when they start to monitor is likely to be in response to some official complaints. And those two doggies that were trying to mess up my blogs, disappeared recently, were definitely not from the police. As where they were from, your guess is as good as mine.


matilah_singapura said...

> The is the strongest and clearest message coming from the govt that they are not monitoring cyberspace activities. <

You're reading it wrongly redbean. Watch the words used in the statement, it is easy to be careless in forming a conclusion.

This guy is not telling the whole truth. Perhaps it is not the cops that are doing the monitoring, but some other agency most definitely is.

ALL (yes, ALL) governments monitor the internet, and most of them, especially the western ones, are quite open about it.

Everyone knows, and the US govt openly says that the FBI and other US govt "alphabet" agencies monitor the net. Australia and UK also state openly that their govts monitor the net. Reason: National Security.

** It is impossible to use arguments for "liberty" and "freedom" and "fairness" or "openess" when the govt plays the National Security or In The National Interest card. Remember, we're talking about open and free, mature democracies here. And as long as there are murdering dangerous cunts out there screaming "Alah akbar! Jihad against the infidel!", rest assured the net will be monitored.

redbean said...

sorry huh, i am not so brilliant so i always give people the benefit of the doubt. i always believe people first.

this is contrary to a chinese saying, first be suspicious and cautious, then be honourable later.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is a difference between "police" and "government".

He said that the police have no intention to monitor online activities. He never said the government was or wasn't.

How fucking brilliant do you need to understand that?!?

redbean said...

i am referring to ho peng kee and his quotes lah. i am talking about people, individuals, not the police or the govt.

so difficult to understand huh? what's wrong with you?

you post about other agencies everyone understand lah. bodoh.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think your editor should throw dictionaries at you more often.