notable quotes - Bala Rajaratnam

'My plea is to prevent malicious individuals and aggressive lawyers from abusing the litigation process.' Bala S Rajaratnam In view of the rising legal cost and the lessons of Jonathan Lock, people are more concerned with how people and lawyers can abuse their financial and professional clout to the disadvantage of the poorer and weaker citizens. It is timely that there is a called for an alternative route for justice. Not the kind where you need money to buy justice.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Unfortunately, the State has a MONOPOLY on "justice".
It also insists on COMPULSORY licensing for service providers (lawyers) which in itself is a huge barrier to entry.

Monopolies, mean monopoly pricing. The cost of state monopolised "justice" will never be "cheap", let alone "affordable" for the average person.

That's just a fact of life. I can't see lawyers giving up their largesse's—in fact, they'll close ranks to protect it.

redbean said...

they should open up the law schools and school of medicines and let all those who are qualified to pursue these disciplines.

at least triple the intakes to allow more people to go into these professions. the two professions have been so protected that shortages of lawyers and doctors will always be there. free the institutions to train as many as the market can take.

then we can see young lawyers chasing after ambulances.

matilah_singapura said...

Ambulance chasers will always have there place, because people will continue to get petty even with small claims.

Why increase the intake? That is the central-planner-statist's way.

A better way would be to allow competing PRIVATE institutions for all the "classical" professions, and then rivalrous competition will ensue, which is ultimately good for the students—they get the best bang for their education buck, which their parent's strove hard to acquire.

redbean said...

what we really need is a free system where the students choose the courses they want and not be restricted by artificially imposed quotas.

give the students and parents the value for their money, yes.