Not so good news today.

Prices of chicken up by 20% and flour by 30%. So the 2% extra on GST is chicken feed actually. But it sure adds on to the increases in chicken and flour prices. With GST at 7%, the respective increases will be 21.4% and 32.1% respectively. So how much will a plate of chicken rice or a loaf of bread going to cost? No need to worry, another few cents more only. Still affordable. Now with all the prices keep going up, it is time to raise the salary again. Everyone shall get 10% increment from the workers to those at the very top, or their life style will be affected.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Well the rises can be correlated to the increase in the money supply.

Check the MAS website for details. Of course the increase in GST is a factor, but there will be some traders who will use it as an "excuse" to raise prices.

That's the wonder of the market—some people are honest and some are not. You as The Sovereign Consumer are given the FREE CHOICE to choose who you prefer to deal with.