No further need for charity shows

With automatic insurance schemes starting from birth to 20 years old, with CPF, Minimum Sum Withdrawal and Annuity Schemes, and also lease buy backs, Singaporeans should be adequately provided from cradle to death. There should be no need for charity shows in the future when all these are in place for the new Singaporeans. And all these are provided by the Singaporeans own pockets. No need charity and welfare from the govt as well. We have taken for granted that all Singaporeans can afford all these schemes in addition to supporting themselves and their families.

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TuraiKiller said...

Let why I never bother to watch MediaCock media production show, irregardless charity show or the series. Look at MediaCock treated their artists, either freeze or put on shell. Those left behind are force to do charity show.

Last Friday, my wife happened to on channel 8 around 7pm++, I was shocked to see our artists acting with Malaysian artists, their acting & mandarin conversation was terrible, word were pieces by pieces with Malaysian Chinese unique tone, acting & word were not synchronised just like watching those older day in the 50 or 60 old robotic movie show. I quickly switched to NewAsia, can’t stand it.

I would advice MediaCock cherish & nurture their own artists like Ong Ching Hai & the lot of characteristic artists, so sorry too many years never watch our own local series drama can’t name them.

It ready sad that not only our leaders only treasure foreign mood, other organisations has the same mentality. It ready discouraging & low moral to stay here anymore. My burning desire to get out here is getting stronger & stronger b’cos I got a same treatment that I am working under foreign Indians as you know they are just good in acting, bias, talk cock sing song all day doing nothing but I am working like a mad dog to support those so called FT as claimed & imported by our dummy leaders. Their laziness become my fault, they pretty much good in covering their own ash & in term of credit they would always wanted to get it first with no guilt at all. Why?