The msm need to be with the people

PN Balji continued with LKY's discussion, in the Today paper, on the role of the msm and their need to reinvent themselves in the face of the sprouting out of more alternative reportings and commentaries in cyberspace. The advantage of cyberspace, in being free, real and human like, talking and reporting with character and feelings, is hard to beat. And then it is interactive and responsive, it is the people's own news and views. Not something that is being forced onto the people. The people can relate and take ownership of their own news. LKY's comment of not just reporting the whats but the whys is going to put a challenge to msm reporters. For many of the whys cannot be reported succintly. And there goes the credibility of msm. And according to Balji, they need to be creative, sensitive, meaningful and responsible. Quite a herculean task. As a political trophy, hmmm, how to report in a way that is objective and balance is going to be tricky.


Anonymous said...

The most important task of Singapore MSM is to regain credibility. Without it, it will always be considered as a mouthpiece of the interested party/parties.

matilah_singapura said...

Lee Kuan Yew tells the press how to shit?

Fuck, silly me... he controls the press, he always has.

And the reporters look up to The Master Baiter with puppy-dog eyes, admiring the finery of his clothes, as The Master Baiter, naked as a new born baby gives them "the truth".

No one in the MSM, so far, has the balls to state the main reason for the drop off in readership. Well, here it is competition—the internet has changed the way the game is played. But that is still not the reason—everyone knows the impact of the net, it is old news.

So why? Because people are essentially FED UP of a media which is DIRECTLY CONTROLLED by the government, even though the msm has been bullshit "privatised". Everyone see the ruse, so they just get use the local msm for local news (free on TV, Radio and the net), then throw the msm a "fuck you", and it's off to the BBC, CNN et al, and the blogs for the rest.

As readership drops off, advertisers are going to start high tailing out of there. I think the worry is that if blogs start becoming more and more popular, they WILL ATTRACT advertising dollars..

Follow the money.

The msm are with the people, in the context that they, the msm, are lap dogs and loud hailers of the govt, used by the govt for "thought control" of the population. This has been the staus quo for years.

If the managers of the msm are smart, they will keep an eye on their revenues—from advertisers. The ADVERTISERS are the ones who are really "with the people" (if they are not they lose money), the msm merely a conduit. I repeat, for good luck:

Follow The Money.

redbean said...

why would people pay for msm news that are propaganda and at times against their interests? and often the msm treated the readers as idiots to be conned.

alternative media needs to compete with msm and give them a good run for the readership.