Money in the decision making process

Why are Singaporeans so sceptical about the CPF and the annuity schemes to think that the govt is after their money? Is this perception fair? And now we have Singaporeans thinking that the public transport system and the ERPs are all there for the same purpose, to get more money from the Singaporeans instead of solving the transportation problem. Everyone now is thinking the same kind of thought. Can we blame them?


Lost4ever said...

Perhaps its the government who wants us to think this way.

Cause we have been looked after too well by the nanny state.

The government by doing all that is mentioned, is telling us, you can also use any method to make any money u need, unfortunately, they have already introduced too many rules to limit it from happenning.

My kids were asking me why I dun donate last night during the Cancer show. Well, my wife probably already donated with her knind soul.

I wun donate cause:
1. SingTel wants to collect 20 cents service charge
2. Government wants to collect 7 percent GST
3. Media Corp wants to collect show time charges, when advertiser is already paying them for air time, this is charity, they are making it a profitable business, shame on you.

So its a joke.... everyone in the show is making money,

1. the audience, who cired for some poor patient, like my wife.
2. the guest artists from overseas, they got a free trip, but they sang and cried for a noble cause, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

At 7% royalty fees going to 10% when the conditions and the conditionings are right, Singapore Inc cud be the world's most profitable franchise.

redbean said...

i have also stop donating to these shows. i just give whenever i see one in need.

Anonymous said...

same goes here

redbean said...

just a straw poll, how many of you have stopped making the calls on these charity shows?

Anonymous said...

This charity show thing deserves a media exposé in the papers.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

When we donates, we are able to show the spirit of sharing and caring to our children.

I'm still donating to these TV shows as long as they maintain my trust that my donations are not misused like the NKF case.