Mobile phones are dangerous

The ease at which mobile phones can be converted to IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices needs to be thought through carefully. Maybe it is time to ban the sale and of mobile phones.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No point banning them, so your idea is totally FUCKED. (think man, think!)

IED's will still be made out of anything... iPods, food containers etc.

The solution to this problem is to whack those Islamo-fascist assholes even harder—i.e. kill more of the motherfuckers, quickly. i.e. declare a jihad on their jihad.

I present you, The Religion Of Peace

Anonymous said...

Redbean, where are you ? If you remain silent on the comment above, you are condoning bigotry.

Anonymous said...


Who created the muslim jihadist???
The Brits, the Yankees and the Jews mind u.

Go screw the root of it, dun just look at the surface & curse.

redbean said...

i agree that he is a bigot and does not know his history.

there is a cause and an effect. karmic retribution. matilah must be careful or in his next birth his tongue will be twisted : )

worst, he cannot even smell a simply cynicism. ahhhhhhh, someone help to enlighten him please.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh but I do know my history—better than you do yours—you wanna contest? Anytime mate ;-)

I don't care about the ideas that the Brits or the Yanks or other colonialists "caused" the terrorism in the first place.

Islam, as a religion never went through a reformation like Christianity did, and even so Christianity is hardly "perfect".

Christians, Buddhists and Hindus etc were also persecuted, colonised, hammered, fucked over and brutalised. But they NEVER took it to the extreme to develop into global terrorists to fuck with the lives and freedoms of basically peaceful people, who have no bone to pick with camel fucking, child abusing, pedophile worshipping rag heads of the Middle East.

And what about the "home grown" terrorists? Why the fuck does a Brit, Yank or Aussie Moslem have to plot againsthis fellow peaceful citizens in his own country?

Nah, fuck your "bigot" label on me—I'll wear it as a badge of honour. Kill these murdering motherfuckers, and then grab our liberties back from our own asshole governments—the ones complicit and also guilty in this whole messy business.

* I used to have no quarrel with ragheads of the Middle East

* I used to have no quarrel with states—basically "tolerating" their small-scale interference.

But that's all changed. It is the peaceful individual who has suffered the most in this brutal turn of events.

Now, check my facts, and tell me if I am or am not factually and historically correct?

And you may keep the "bigoted" label on me. In fact, you may call me anything you like— motherfucker, dog dick sucker...go for it. Give it your best shot. Knock yourself out—you necrophiliac dead ancestor grandmother fuckers :-)

Anonymous said...


u really don't know your history and facts.

the term to use is "spout nonsenses".

but its enjoyable to see such comments, its entertainment.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I also happen to think that Bush conquering Iraq is the wrong war.

The correct war would to be to bomb the fuck out of Iran and Syria, the main sources of Islamo-fascism.

In my mind, Bush is not up to this task. He should hand over to the two manian war mongers: Cheney and Rumsfeld.

When you need a specific job done, you need to get the right people to do it. Bush is just to dumb.