Medisave money can use a bit only

My father in law has stones in his kidney and he was admitted into a private hospital. The so called specialist recommended him to go for a minor operation the next day. As he was in pain, he decided to go ahead without asking about the cost of the operation. End up his stayed in the hospital for 4 days and 3 night. His hospital bill was $11K. Only can use $1K from his medisave to pay. The rest has to be paid by cash. Is medisave really that good?? The above was posted in Sammyboy. If it is true, then what is our money in the Medisave for? Huh, our money or not our money? Isn't the Medisave meant to pay for our hospitalisation? Or is it to be rationed for 20 hospitalisation stays in the future? Jesus!


Anonymous said...

MM say you can have the money if you think you can get better returns than what the CPF is dishing out. All this guy needs to do is send in his application form to the MM together with proof that he can beat the CPF's rate of return. So what is he bitching about ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here we go again... Medisave is part of the giant tax/pyramid scam generally known as "social insurance", specifically called "CPF" in S'pore.

It is not that hard a problem to fix. Just allow people to find the BEST PRICE for treatment outside S'pore, and then the Medisave funds needn't be held back so much, because the purchasing power will be higher.

For e.g. allow people to seek treatment in, say, Thailand, where the quality of care is excellent and the prices less than S'pore.

redbean said...

we all can see how to take full advantage of our money in the cpf. why are the supertalents so blind?

actually i don't believe that they are blind. they are 100 times clearer than us in what they see and doing. the only difference is that they objectives and ours are different.

when they said they are doing it for your own good has a different meaning from what you know is good for you.

Pain and pain said...

Those supertalent are super rich and do not need money in their cpf account. actually all the money in our cpf account are all our savings and contribution from our employers, why we dont even have the right to use them esepcially for our medical bills? this is totally outrageous.
if they wants to hold our cpf monies, why bother to split them into ordinary, special and medisave account?
next time i think the bank will also do the same thing, all deposits cannot be withdrawn anymore until we're 62!

redbean said...

hi pain and pain, welcome to the blog.

this is conservation of limited resources so that people will always have some money for hospitalisation bill.