Jonathan Lock is saved once again.

This time he does not even have to pay his lawyers. Apparently the two parties were so happy with the legal tussle. And the High Court did not like what it saw and threw everything out of the window. And one of them will be placed under disciplinary investigation for 'breach of professional duties' and putting his clients to 'unnecessary monetary risks and adverse legal consequences'. Maybe I should repost this in the column Signs of Progress.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Well the lawyers really hijacked this case, and our poor hero is saddled with huge bills, much of what he need not pay. The remainder is still 40 grand, and lucky for him NTUC has offered to assist.

In other words, after all that, he still 40 in the hole.

Lest we forget, the whole process dragged him (and his family too probably) the wringer... but these costs are never measured and rarely mentioned, so that their real impact is IGNORED by the state and public.

A pyrrhic victory indeed.

Oh well, such is to be expected from a govt monopoly—the state justice system.

In a free-market justice system (have many courts competing with each other in a free market), this is unlikely to happen.

However, look at what state "justice" (fucking bullshit) has achieved in this case:

• The "victim" of a small accident becomes a real victim when he obtains compensation for his injury.

• A clever liar, oops I mean LAWYER, gives the two finger fuck-you salute and claims that a specific legal board has no power to enforce.

... and then KA-BOOM, conflagration.

Nah, the lawyers will get a slap on the wrist. In fact the most "garang" one did what lawyers do best: challenge a court's (is it a court?) decision.

This will blow over in a short time and be forgotten. Meanwhile, if you are not "garang" it would be very difficult for one to be successful as a trial lawyer.

Years of training in law school condition our legal eagles to understand that they are a breed superior to the average human being, and therefore, they, the lawyers have the govt-protected legal right to intimidate the rest of the population, and to grab money and property from the unsuspecting and unprotected by subjecting them to completely legal harassment (lawyers letters), mental torture (attendance in court), and Gestapo-like interrogation (aka "cross examination") and subsequent legal robbery (aka "billing the client")