It is the fault of China, Asean and...

The problems created by the military regime in Myanmar is the problem of China, Asean and yes Singapore. We are the guilty ones. We are the ones that are not doing anything to help the Myanmese. We have no moral obligations for not helping the Myanmese people fight against a military regime for their liberty. All the accusing fingers in the West are pointing at China, at Asean and Singapore in particular. We are the bad guys. We must solve the problems in Myanmar. What a joke!!! It is time China, Asean and Singapore, and the rest of the world, point the fingers at the West for allowing the killings to go on in Iraq. It is time to free the Palestines and restore to them their right to their homeland. And who is preventing them from gaining their freedom? What is the West doing? Yes it is the Americans and the West that is allowing the carnage in Iraq to go on, and the Palestine to continue to be suppressed in their homeland.


Matilah_Singapura said...

"The people get the government they deserve".

Thus it is the Burmese who are ultimately responsible for how they are governed—and they, the Burmese people have failed to be vigilant enough to ward off tyranny.

The moment other states start being "do-gooders" and try to "help", then it starts to get into an all-out conflict, and the people of that state suffer more (which is their fault in the first place for not being vigilant).

In S'pore's case, the people have allowed themselves to be dominated by their state. They get the govt they deserve. LKY has said this time and again: "You don't like us, you vote us out". And the govt has stood their ground to ensure that there's no "competition". But the people don't seem to mind. They know their govt will "save them from themselves".

Every cuntry gets the govt they deserve, which is why I have long fucked off the idea of a govt being "the necessary evil". Evil is never necessary, but will prevail if good people do nothing—the proviso being that one has to choose being "good" in the first place.

Anonymous said...

pointing fingers at the helpless does not do you any good. it depicts a bad owner flogging away at his horse that did not win the race. maybe you should come out and lead the people to do the right thing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've just checked my agenda for the next few years.

No, it is not in my plans.

Anyway people who "need to be led" are not humans—they are SHEEPLE.

A fully-functioning adult human being can think for himself. He doesn't need any "messiah" to tell him what to do. Of course, there are other—losers and fuck-ups—who need to be told what to do. These moronic fuckers make brilliant slaves :-)

... and they are welcome to their "helplessness", and the charities who purport to help them do a good enough job. I don't have anything to do will idiots like this. I like WINNERS.

Every human being is well capable of helping himself, and forming relationships with others so that they can work in concert to solve "common problems". And if they are UNWILLING to do this, may they eat shit and die :-)

Anonymous said...

if you dont like the shephard dont kick the sheep.

redbean said...

the myanmese or burmese have their problems and they have to deal with it. the outsiders are cheering them on for their own vested interests which may coincide with their interest or be against their interest.

the big powers are looking at myanmar as another piece in their chess board for world dominations. the indians and chinese will not allow any big power to gain a foothold there, especially the usa. once the usa is involved, the india and china and even thailand would have not choice but to come in.

myanmar will be like korea, vietnam and iraq, a new battle field of the big powers. and all the dead will be myanmese.

redbean said...

would singaporeans be marching down the streets? they will, one day.

but as long as things are quite comfortable, they will weigh the situation and live with it. when the scale is tip, the situation can change very rapidly. and the aftermath for those who lost power can be ugly if we ever reach such a stage.

how far are we from such a day, no one knows.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The thing about outside interference for reasons of (so-called) "democracy" is that when the smoke clears, and the "bad govt" thrown out, the states which helped will be looking for "favours" from the new regime—and these "favours" are passed onto the business or govt-business community of the assisting states.

America is in a class of its own. It conquers, installs "democracy" and then the American multinationals move in.

The dumb fuck-heads in Burma think that a political solution is an answer to their problems.

Dumb fucking idiots.