Huge payrise for the Civil Servants

The Civil Servants, especially the lower ones, are going to get their just rewards. Average 8.6% and better ones 14-17%. Of course this pay rise, in percentage form, should go all the way to the top, I think. It is quite a sum at $1 million level. Two reasons were given, competitive environment and demand for better quality of services. The former is quite true. As for better quality of services, I have my doubts. If we compare dollar by dollar paid, we should be the best governed country in the whole world. And if quality is measured in monetary terms, our quality must be hundreds of times better than our neighbours and even better than the USA or Japan. Are we getting better quality policies and decisions or are we learning from the lesser paid countries and depending on them to teach us to do better?


Matilah_Singapura said...

The notion that the government should be competing with the private sector for wages, and using TAX DOLLARS to do it is ludicrous. Once a precedent for this is set, the bullshit will never stop, and the state will just get bigger and bigger, living like a VAMPIRE off the productivity of private citizens.

"Don't STEAL. The Government hates COMPETITION"

* as seen on US Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul's desk

Anonymous said...

Ok, what is exactly wrong with public service wages being comparable to what is offered by the private sector - especially if you're keen to recruit good people?

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Know of 2 friends from the Army and prison service. Their working hours are relatively fixed and predictable. Work are relatively routine and little OTs.

At night, one gives tuition and the other coach Tennis to earn extra income.

Already good income with extra income and now pay raise again. Damn it! I'm too old for Civil Service!!!

redbean said...

i also want to return to the civil service. i am too old too.

we must pay good money to provide employees a decent style of living. we can also provide the people a decent style of living by controlling and reducing the cost of living.

by pushing wages up and up and cost of living up and up, we will be in heaven soon.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To anon 826:

> what is exactly wrong with public service wages being comparable to what is offered by the private sector <

What is wrong is that the govt has to STEAL more from the people to do it. (Tax is THEFT)

> especially if you're keen to recruit good people? <

Are you dreaming? Have you experienced a typical civil service (especially a stat board) office?

You will see a coterie of back-stabbing, lazy, over-paid, uncompetitive, arrogant arseholes who can't make it in the real world, and have to resort to living off the backs of the rest of the population to survive on this planet.

In the private sector, if you conduct your business like the govt, you will go bankrupt real soon. If you as an individual perform like a typical civil servant, you will be fired, and people will cheer, and send you off with: "Don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out!"