How much would the wantan mee cost?

With the price of flour going up by 20 or 30%, how much will that plate of wantan mee or char kuay teow cost? The beef ball noodle, the fish ball noodle, hokien mee, mee goreng, and don't forget the chapati and the roti prata. All these are the staple food of the ordinary Singaporeans. How would this affect their daily diet? Would they now have to cut down their consumption or have to tighten more to keep themselves going?


Lost4ever said...

This is the time when our super talented multi-million paid ministers got to step forward.

Solve our problem, feed us, bring us to the next level.

Dun tell us, we got to bite the bullet and pay the additional cost, we have paid our due for the GST increases and your salary increases.

It time the super talent solve our problem, u are paid to solve problem, and this is a very big problem.

redbean said...

don't worry, big pay rise coming.

Anonymous said...

This deserves a media exposé in the papers.

Wensiong said...


Can post this video here? It important. YOu watch you will know.

Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Should still cost the same. The Wanton mee man will bite the bullet until the pork and soy sauces prices go up also.

Everything up up up!!! My salary never go up. Kinda feeling lousy... I'm simply not a talent in the eyes of my own country.

redbean said...

thanks wensiong for the link, and welcome to the blog.