How much do you pay for your water?

1 Cu M is $1.17 Waterborne fee is 30c Water conservation tax is 30% of $1.17 GST is 7% The final cost to a user is $1.948 per Cu M. Cost, is it still 3c? How much is processing and administrative cost? Water conservation tax is 35c. GST is 8.2c. Total tax is 43.2c.


Anonymous said...

Hey Redbean, you forgot profit !!

Matilah_Singapura said...

That's "privatised" utilities for you.

Our govt very clever: it registers its companies, in its own system, protected by its own laws governing corporations, then it puts ins own "kakinang" in charge...and stealthily proceeds to fuck the citizens up their arses, without forewarning, or lubrication.

Tax tax tax... that is what
generated by a mere 20 million people (Malaysia has 17 million), the toal size of the economy not far away from the TOTAL economies of ASEAN combined (and closing the gap fast), the private wealth (assets) one of the highest per capita in the the developed world.... and the govt reserves...

57 billion USD... which even in my mind is TOO FUCKING HIGH.

The point is: Most of THE WEALTH in a given cuntry should be held PRIVATELY BY THE CITIZENS, instead of the government.

The more money the govt takes from you (by taxes and only by taxes) the bigger it grows, and the more inclined it is to trample over (what is left of) your freedom and liberty.

The S'pore govt touts the fact that it has HUGE reserves as a "good", and the dumb sheeple fall for it time and again.

Change your thinking sheeple, and become independently thinking men and women (real people) instead of govt controlled automatons.

YOU should be rich. YOU do the work, YOU deserve the reward. But the reward is taken from you by force, and now THEY are rich, and getting richer—a whole lot quicker than you are!

GCT once remarked that the cost of govt is a roughly the same as a cost of one plate per month of char kway teow to the average individual citizens.

Fucking bullshit lah. (yet people believe it!)

Abao said...

RedBean, you forgot that the 3c is 3 sen (ringgit).

Given the current exchange rate its not even 1.5 sgd cent.

redbean said...

thanks for the correction, abao.

and matilah, stop blowing those balls. you need to breathe out.

Matilah_Singapura said...

How dare you insult the official UMNO mascot?

TuraiKiller said...

It should take out the damn water conversative tax long ago, we are force to drink those damn unhygenie re-cycle water it mean the water are from people urinated, spilting(a lot of foreigners like those indian & bangaleshs like to ka shui all over the places(drain etc),factory & others wastage dirty water, but their Town Council are allow to waste tonne of water(air water jet) to wash the flat & instead cleaning the flat their actually dirty our hall b'cos water jet was too strong & dirty water just flashed into our room.

Damn the complained always fall into deaf idiot management.Look we force to pay to get trouble for ourselve & where is the justise for us to thrown our anger!

Anonymous said...

newater is yummy.. proof is in the pudding!

redbean said...

the effect is slow and over a long period of time. by the time we know that it is killing us, it will be too late.