Getting squeezed or living in comfort?

Siamak Adibi, a foreign talent, and Darren Chong, wrote to Today about their concerns over the issues of limited resources and a growing population. Siamak is considering leaving if the condition gets worst. Our hospitals and public facilities are over taxed. People have to queue and wait for hours to see the doctors even with appointments. Public parks and utilities are stretched. Then Pritam Paul, another FT, dismissed such concerns and praised the great and liveable conditions we are having. He compared to India when the conditions were appalling and chastised Singaporeans for not knowing the paradise that they have. Mark Lee posted another letter saying that we, as a first world country, should measure ourselves against first world countries and their conditions of living. We should be comparing ourselves with Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Montreal or Copahagen or similar places, definitely not with Manila, Mumbai, Bangkok, Hanoi or Jakarta. What Mark said is simply not to distort the truth by using poor and inappropriate examples. This is as good as lying.


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

When they want to compare how expensive our labour force are or how high our living standards are, they will use third world countries.

When they want to compare how low our land, housing or cost of living, they will selectively take a few cities to say we are cheaper.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The main agency which always fucks up resource allocation is the government.

If the government just let everything be, the population to resource relationship will adjust to its own level.

Also, get the fuck out of the way and allow the entrepreneurs to organise resources in such ways so that they can make profits out of providing customers their needs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Also, one must remember that S'pore, despite all its political faults, is one of the easiest cities in the world to live in.

What the fuck are people moaning about? Someone close by, please whack these motherfuckers in the head.

How about this paradigm: Use S'pore as the BENCHMARK, and let the others compare themselves to Singapore!

TuraiKiller said...

It a good sign that so call FT are making noises & it would has more impact than we local giving advices or feedback b'cos some of the useless ministers would take our advice as we like to complain.
This tiny red dot is indeed damn crowded, cost of living is getting fucking unbearable, the public service are also damn hopeless & they are so much to feedback but the arrogant leader will turn blind & deaf so as prevent everything are world class as self claimed, hopless leaders, country, time to live.....fxxxk.....

Anonymous said...

in a nightclub, more crowd means more gst collections and bonuses.