The Gay Debate continues

There is a report in the msm that the debate is turning ugly in cyberspace and in the public arena. It is an unusual debate where values and ingrained prejudiced brought up by years indoctrination were tested. People either are totally against it or for it. Everyone seems to hold a very strong view on the issue. The issue is another case of one group trying to impose their rights and wrong on another. The other is asking for acceptance and more. To be allowed to do as they pleased like any ordinary human beans. I did post a bit on what could have happened down the line. Even without making any judgemental statements, some are still appalled at my comments. Look at it seriously or cheekily, if 25% of the world population is gay, the opposite 25% will not have a chance to procreate. Or am I wrong and gays do want to procreate? Then stretch the imagination a little further. If 25% of the population becomes monks and priests, another 25% will also be deprived from procreation. All in, 100% will be doing all kinds of things except making babies. Whither the human race? Maybe this is a good thing. Why bother to be born to die? Why bother to leave paradise only to want to get back.


Anonymous said...

Once in awhile, LHL earns his praise.

This polarisation is exactly as he predicted. Sadly, the law is going to stay.

Who loses? Everyone. Gays AND straight people.

The essence of this law is that is sets a precedent for the state to regulate private morality.

Two guys fucking each others arses with verve, or a couple of lesbians greedily eating each others cunts DOES NOT affect the lives of ANYONE ELSE.

They are being WHO THEY ARE.


However the people do get the government they deserve, which passes the laws. The way S'poreans are polarised on this issue tells a story I've known all along:

People won't put their differences aside. They don't care to see the other parties point of view. Being that stubborn and arrogant is is no wonder a CAUTIOUS government has to pass laws TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM FIGHTING, and probably KILLING EACH OTHER.

The only rational solution (for reasons other than what stupid religion cites) is LHL's — keep the law.


Anonymous said...

incest does not affect ANYONE ELSE too.

Anonymous said...

>It is an unusual debate where
>values and ingrained prejudiced
>brought up by years of
>indoctrination were tested.

I love the irony of this statement, since this applies to the pro-gay lobby as well. Had it been not insidious media manipulation through the likes of Ugly Betty and TIME Magazine over the past ten decades - you think there will be any gay-embracing heterosexuals on your side?

redbean said...

the media, hollywood and all the fashion and fad moguls, play a big role in shaping morality and lifestyles. in the case of gays, science and education too helped people to understand what they are.

with better knowledge, people would appreciate the plight of the gay people better and are more willing to accept them as another human bean.

on the other hand, the media have been promoting and publicising their way of lives, and in a way remove the taboo aspect of gay living. people get familiar with them and becomes more tolerant.

would people get use to incest or sex with animals as a way of life if they are being done behind closed doors? Would society ever accept incest within a family as their own way of life, does not affect other people?

What's wrong with two guys or gals loving each other and playing with each other? we are more enlightened today to be able to talk about it openly. in the past they will probably be burnt on the stakes.

i would agree that we should not criminalise them as gays are born gays. we can let them have enough space for themselves, no discrimination in opportunities to live a normal life.

but i don't thing it is something that should be promoted, gay festivals, gay parties, gay clubs, etc as if these are the cool things to be.

many people are able to accept and live with gay people as they are. No sneering or holding them as weirdos. i think that should be good enough.

Anonymous said...

I accept gay people in the sense that I recognize their right to life - an ordinary, undiscriminated life - and no, they are not weirdos.

Nice people, some of them.

It's just a lifestyle which I can't condone - though I understand why others might think otherwise.

Science is still silent on this issue - the jury is out.

Heh, makes you think what makes the moral foundations of a society - and if enlightened humanists who can't tell the difference between left and right should be given heed at all.

There isn't any real obstruction against gays from doing whatever they so desire in the confines of their room anyway. Why the need to push the envelope which would only further engender controversy?

btw love the phrase 'human beans'