First frivolous protest

Allow protest, even frivolous ones for a start. A site was identified for the stockpile of granite in Lim Chu Kang. And the farmers are protesting that the granite dust will affect their crops. And the 6m fencing is also seen as a threat, blocking sunlight from the crops. I am refraining from laughing out loud. How serious can this protest be? But it is a good start. No demonstration or people marching down Orchard Rd or Shenton Way. Just standing up to say no. And with a petition to back up.


redbean said...

this protest was given so much publicity while the black september protest against annuity was not even mentioned anywhere except cyberspace.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The farmers property rights have been clearly violated.

Supposing you are my next door neighbour. I sart burning stuff, and the fire is so huge that it dumps ash and debris in your house, and your kids start having respiratory problems.

Do you think you'll put the law on me? I'll cut off my balls if you didn't, and "turned the other cheek".

redbean said...

can you see the difference between granite stockpile and starting a fire? can you understand the difference between plants and crops, maybe a few goats and animals and children?

can you see the difference between a 6m fench blocking light getting to crops? the sun is not static.

i doubt you are able to appreciate the differences.