Boon Wan told, go ahead with mean testing

The issue of means testing has been in the back burner after Boon Wan has second thought over its implications. I think he was wavering as the idea is anything but mean. Now he has been told to go ahead with means testing. And of course, means testing, like raising GST, is to help the lower income group to pay for their medical fees. This is an unique formula that only works in this island. And if I did not hear wrongly, it is also to make medical fees more affordable to middle income earners in case they can't afford it anymore. Lucky Singaporeans.


Khiat Han Hwee Adrian said...

Funny. The middle income people should hit hardest as they are forced to stay higher wards with lower subsidies now.

redbean said...

people will try to outdo each other to prove how poor they are. some may give up job opportunities/incomes just to get qualified for subsidies.

TuraiKiller said...

May be PR minister Boon Wan should try to get $2000 per month & go ahead with his mean testing, If he can is happy & feel affordable than every leaders should follow him & not we local loyal citizens.

Big Pay cheque monster, simple mind open big mouth.