Before the nails are hammered in

There is a reprieve of 6 months for the appointed committee to review the annuity scheme. From all the official statements made so far, you can expect nothing much to be changed. A fresh sum of money will be locked away. That is as good as what we have been told. And that seems to be the real objective. The rest like providing for an income when most would probably die is simply crab. And all the fuss can be solved, I repeat again, by a plate of char kway teow. And that is what it will cost the people or govt. There is no need to lock away more money. We are reaching a point of hysteria and insanity by harping on how much the people need when they already have enough to keep themselves going. Only a very small group will need help and the help is just a plate of char kway teow. Even this plate of char kway teow can be spared if the $30k in the Medisave can be redesigned for the aged, ie above 85. There is no need to build a mountain out of a mole hill.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> There is no need to build a mountain out of a mole hill. <

I agree with what you say. However you forget that the CPF is a bullshit scheme—a tax scam pyramid game, which gives the govt power; power to affect the lives of the people.

Good luck. The annuity is here to stay. Get over it and move on. It isd not too late to pull the finger out of your arse, and go and make some fucking money, so that one doesn't have to depend on piecemeal scraps thrown to you like a begging dog.

redbean said...

this is the umptin times that you have said the cpf is a pyramid game. everyone agrees with you on that. that is why no one is disputing.

don't worry about me making money for my retirement. i have sufficient funds not to rely on the money that they have locked up for me in the cpf. we will have to wait for a new govt to unlock this money. it will be a popular issue for any opposition party to fight on.

Matilah_Singapura said...

... and I will keep stating that CPF is a tax scam pyramid scheme, as long as people base their arguments on premises which contradict this objective TRUTH. i.e. "A is A. If your premise is false, then all arguments leading to any assumption or conclusion will therefore be false" Logic 101, old boy.

My answer wasn't necessarily direct at you per se. (a common misunderstanding when the English pronoun "you" is used, in this case I didn't make myself clear) My comment was primarily directed at the collectivists who are whining like stuck pigs on this issue.

redbean said...

yes, that is what i am also doing. keep harping on the issue. don't let up.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Let up" = quit.

That word is the most vulgar word in the English language. I have stopped using it, so as to purify my soul.