15 years retroactive Treaty

Indonesia wants the Extradition Treaty to be back dated by 15 years. This means that anything in the past can catch up with anyone. It is the same kind of thinking that destroyed Malaysia's credibility when they introduced new property ownership laws retroactively. If Singapore will to do so, it will create huge upheaval to our legal systems. This is a precedent that it cannot oblige. It is something that is too crucial to attempt. Shouldn't even think of it.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Well, that is what states can and occasionally will do.

The state has the monopoly in its territorial legal system—often mistakenly referred to as the "justice" system.

With no free market competition, the state just goes ahead and does what it likes, passing laws arbitrarily if it so chooses. A good example: At one time in the US, black people had no rights, and this was THE LAW.

However, sometime retrospective or retroactive legislation is good—when it corrects an error in JUSTICE in the past. However this is rare, and when it does happen (out of fluke mostly), it is sweet, and everyone should be thankful for small graces which happen now and then.

Trying to catch these Indonesian buccaneers is next to impossible. OK, one or two will get caught, and show-trials ensue—as a small appeasement to the population collective "God of Democracy".

But, if you are well informed in these matters (like I am—being myself a privateer, albeit a law-abiding one), you will know that it is now very common for these Indonesian "thieves" to get Panamanian/Ecuadorian citizenship (passport), then transferring their assets to S'pore and other money havens, thereby rendering them "untouchable" by the Indonesian state laws.

Understand too that practically ALL of these looters have "mates" in the not-so-corruption-free Indonesian govt who, for reasons of personal financial gain for themselves, aid and abet our famous Indonesian business crooks to do what they do—rip off their very own people.

The retroactive legislation is a "crowd pleaser". More of a cunning political stunt rather than an effective means of bring about real justice.

Govts stay in power by consistently conning the voting population, who at the end of the day get the government they deserve.

As for the Indonesian govt wanting such legislation to be agreed to... well everyone who has chased a boy or a girl will know, that you can't always have everything you want. That's tough, but that's life.

So, fuck the Indonesians. They deserve it.

redbean said...

i look at it as a great money game. the hunters get rewarded by the hunted.