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Year 2XXX, Ah Kow's Party sweeps to power

Year 2XXX, Ah Kow's Party sweeps to power Ah Kow appoints himself as the Prime Minister. And he names his Cabinet. Minister of Defence: Mr Wang See Foo, Master pugilists of Lion's Roar Martial Arts School. His martial art training is very useful for training the soldiers. Minister of Home Affairs: Mr Sam Seng Kia, former gangster chief who knows the crime world like the back of his hand. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mdm Mah Ma San. Her diplomacy and skills in handling clients will put her in an advantage when dealing with other FMs. Minister of Trade: Mr Pah Kang Tau. The most ideal man in making trade deals. Minister of Finance: Mr Tai Yee Long. Very skillful man in handling money, interest rates and collecting debts. Minister of Education: Mr Boh Tak Cheh. Highest standard passed, PSLE. But believes that adult education from the University of Hard Knocks is very valuable to people like him. Minister of Transport: Mr See Ho Yee. Owns a private bus company. All the ministers will naturally be paid the super talent ministerial salary package handed down by the past regimes. Each will be geting $10 million while Ah Kow will be paid $25 million. As political leaders are elected by the people and educational background is not a criterial as long as they have no criminal records, any tom, dick and harry could actually become super talents, or at least be paid super talent salary. Ah Kow and his gangs laughs all the way to the bank.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, you are being cynical again. Better go to the kopitiam and have your kopi-O kaw. Put you in a better mood.

redbean said...

hi speed,

our system is unique in the sense that a dominant party has entrenched itself and thinks that it will always going to be like that. and it has institutionalised a political system into a career or employment opportunity which is very unnatural. it is a matter of time when an accident will happen and the system either be dismantled or be abused by the opportunists.

Matilah_Singapura said...

...and Matilah_Singapura gets appointed to the presidency, where he immediately changes the words on the Singapore coat of arms, and the national anthem. :))

redbean said...

i think ah kow will love to appoint you as the president. and don't worry, ah kow will know how to take care of you.