Who is there to stop a rogue govt?

So much have been said about how vulnerable we are as a little island that we cannot afford any mistake. And the worst case scenario is a rogue govt that went about helping itself in state of helping the people. Without good men in leadership we are doomed. This scenario assumes that we have a dud administrative service and a submissive army and police that would allow a rogue govt to go on a rampage, unrestraint. It also assumes that the running of the country is only by the political leaders while the civil servants and uniformed groups will just simply take orders, unthinking and unminding. Would we reach a day when Ah Kow and his gang be elected as the next govt and went about paying themselves $5 mil or $10 mil per head and the civil servants and uniformed services just quietly stood by without lifting a finger? Or would the civil servants and the uniformed groups just join in the party and help themselves as well? Such a scenario is possible when the people are unthinking, or seasoned not to think and rather be sheep and hoping to be led, and hope against hope that good leaders would be picked and chosen. I find this position very dangerous. We need a thinking people in all walks of life to think that the future of the country is theirs to make. And that they must have a say in how the country is being run. And when they think the country is not properly run, they must stand up and step forward to help run the country. This can only come true if we have a system that will facilitate or be conducive for leaders to step forward themselves rather than be chosen. A leader is a leader in his own right, not waiting to be picked. A picked leader is anything but a leader. It is at best an employee, fit the bill of the selection board and put into his proper place. We need to question whether the present formula is the only formula for our continued well being or if there are better formula. One thing is for sure. If we think this is it, this is the only way, I think we are doomed. All empires thought that theirs was the only way. And all failed eventually. Our current system is too dependent on a few good men. And if the next few good men turned out to be rogues, we are in deep trouble when the system is not tuned to react and change for the better but only to take orders.6

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Basically there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop a rogue government. Once the size of the government is so big, and they have the powers because of the lack of separation of powers, nothing short of violent revolution will stop them.

Rogue governments don't happen overnight—it takes many years for the situation to be "ripe". This is why it is important to keep the principle of separation of powers, and the SIZE of the government SMALL. Keeping the size of the government SMALL is only possible when The People are VIGILANT and are willing to cooperate VOLUNTARILY to run their country.

As always, "The People get The Government they deserve", and in every case in history whether it was Hitler or Idi Amin, the people got what they deserved.

BTW, constitutions don't help either. The people, whether they choose to believe it or not, whether there is "democracy" or not, are responsible for their own destiny, and the destiny of their nation.