When a country is no longer a country

I have been pondering over the erosion of the concept of statehood. This use to come with a lot of pre conditions and obligations from the ruler and the ruled. At the rate we are going, soon statehood or nationhood will be a thing of the past. Yes Singapore Inc. Everything will be run in a businesslike manner. No obligations other than contractual. No ownership, no emotional attachment. Everything is in the price. Everything has a price. And for those who are against National Service, the day will come when private agencies will recruit their own military men to offer their services at a price. It has started. The national security of a nation can be farmed out to non citizens to run roughshod over citizens. Sorry, no more citizens but production digits. The Americans are also recruiting non citizens to fight in Iraq. It is time to change the titles of the head of state and govt. The private sector has taken the lead. Every organisation has their presidents and vice presidents. The state should also change and have Chairmans and Managing Directors and Directors.


Anonymous said...

let the rich rule the world and we will all be richer for it

Matilah_Singapura said...

Amen to that!

Entrepreneurs and salespeople are the salt of the earth—without them we'd still be living in caves, and dying from unspectacular causes like the flu, food poisoning and malnutrition.

redbean said...

the law of nature, the rich are normally the smarter people. and they will rule the world.

the masses can only hope that the rich are generous and live on the crumbs that drop from the table. ostentatious generosity?

Anonymous said...

possible, in the near future.