ungrateful singaporeans

Let me post two opposing views on this hot potato. I will title this first part 'The ungrateful Singaporeans.' It is quite distressing really, for our ministers to come up in the open to ask for a payrise for themselves. The payrise for ministers should be pushed by the Singaporeans for all the great work the ministers have done for Singapore. Over the last 40 years, the ministers have worked so hard to bring Singapore from a struggling small sea port to a first world city. Now that is achievement and hard work, brain work. They deserve every penny we pay them and more. They deserve to be paid more. And they are the best talents that Singapore has produced. So logically they must be paid the highest salaries as the rest in the private sector are second to them. They did not want to be politicians. They were called to be politicians against their wills. Otherwise they will be the captains of the industries and be in the top positions of all the professions in the private sector. And they wear so many hats. Everyone of them wears probably more than 20 hats, and all for the people and country. Can't the people appreciate that? And for doing so, they work at least 18 hours a day. Who else would want to work in this way, no day and no night? Then the big sacrifice, they have very little time for their own families. Their children very likely see them less than the people. Their time are public time. What is more amazing is that having made it in life, all of them have a big fat account in the bank and do not need to work any more, they refuse to retire and smell the roses and play with their grand children. They still come forward to slog for the people and nation when they don't have to. And the people are so ungrateful, criticising them and calling them names. Just remember, we have a clean, competent, conscientious, committed and corruption free govt because of all these great men that stepped out to serve. Pay them what they should be getting.

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