Two wrong timing good leaders

According to PN Balji, Philip Yeo and Tan Kin Lian could have been great leaders but missed the boat. His misgiving for these two guys is that they left without a successor in place. In my view, they are great leaders, with their warts as all humans possessed, for all their achievements. And I can't blame them as both were young men with many years to go. Compare to all the octogenarians still strutting their stuff around, one cannot possibly expect these two young men in their prime to think of retiring. Philip has a lot more to do to see his baby grow. Kin Lian may be in a different league and may be waiting for a MNC offer. But both are doing extremely well. Then Balji quoted Nelson Mandela who quitted after one term as a great example of great leaders who never over stay their welcome. Now what does that mean? In our little island, dearth of talents, we cannot simply afford great leaders to warm their seats for one term and quit. If that is the game, soon we will be asking FTs to take over all the important leadership positions. We understand our problems and is doing everything we can to attract and retain leaders for a life time as long as they can contribute and still kicking.

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