Two ends of paradise

Singaporeans are truly lucky lots. They are living in paradise without knowing. On one end it is a land of opportunities. Money is everywhere for grabs. Depending on how talented one is, everyone is so happy grabbing everything for themselves. And there are plenty to go around. On the other end of paradise, when all the work is done, one can retire without a worry. Providing a roof over their heads is not a problem. And meals will even be delivered to the homes. There will also be volunteers to help clean the flats. And pocket money will be provided, all $290 a month! Wow, wow, when the body is unwilling, when one cannot eat, barely can move, barely can do anything, $290 is alot of money. Some may not know what to do with this kind of money. Too much money and nowhere to go, nowhere to spend. Singaporeans are so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you come right out and say what you really mean? Please do not try to be cynical and come out with cryptic messages veiled behind a very thin cynical facade. So very typical of all your posts.

redbean said...

this blog is meant to be provocative and cynical.

and i am so glad that people are provoked. often i am amazed even with my own posts. they rubbed people in all ways, right ways, wrong ways, and many ways : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Whilst I don't worship the dollar, $290 is a lot of money depending on your station in life. Fine, you have the right to be cynical, probably because you've never experienced poverty or severe financial hardship. Good for you!

You've never had to fight back from the brink because your life and those of your family depended on it, you've never had to swallow your pride and take on employment below your level of skill, and you've probably never starved or nearly frozen to death in winter because you can't afford the power bill.

So yeah. Carry on being provocative and cynical, it speaks volumes my dear redbean.

Despite the meddling over-paid, all-too-powerful govt—with its dirty fingers touching too many aspects of peoples' lives, Singapore is still a place where there is virtually INFINITE opportunity for the creation of wealth.

Anyone who is inflicted by the demons of negative thinking ("stinkin' thinkin'" is what Zig Ziglar calls it) or "attitude cancer" has only themselves to blame.

No doubt, poverty can strike in any society, but in a developed wealthy society like Singapore it is very possible to lift oneself out of poverty a whole lot easier than it is in MOST OTHER COUNTRIES—including many developed countries, especially the ones with welfare states. (Welfare states keeps poor people trapped in a cycle of poverty and penalises the productive as well).

Every community has a community center where some form of "skill enhancement" training is available—for even those who have little cash. The excellent library system is available to ALL to use. There are govt training subsidies, private and public scholarships, to improve ones skills, job fairs, community based employment clubs to "network" for employment opportunities... etc etc.

Now don't tell me I don't know about what the fuck is going on in my favourite hotel... I can tell you there is no necessity for a social welfare state as there are a plethora of resources for people to help THEMSELVES. This encourages personal responsibility.

So stay provocative and cynical, at the very least you might get a response from me—to counteract your "stinkin' thinkin'"

I get the feeling you enjoy the fact that some people are poor—it makes you look good with your fake compassion, cynical posts etc etc.

Knock yourself out man! :-)

redbean said...

that's great thinking matilah.

our little hotel or paradise would be much better if we can have a few soi cowboy to go along: ) oh we got batam nearby.

indeed we have a paradise. indeed many are well taken care off. indeed the poor are quite well taken care off. what do the poor old folks expect when they are just living off the state?

we should pay the able and talented as much as we can as they contributed tremendously to our economy and helped to raise the quality of life for all. cannot disagree with that.

just be careful and be a little discriminating and ask who are the deserving ones and who are actually contributing and getting their just rewards and who are just taking a ride or leeching.

we need to watch this buffet mentality.


Matilah_Singapura said...

In the end, everyone gets what they deserve.

The Universe works perfectly, all the time.

Can you dig that?

redbean said...

sure, sure. the law of karma is the perfect equaliser. no escape.

verily, verily i say unto you. whoever believes in me shall be saved.