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the thing cannot be said

In an island somewhere in the Pacific, a mother and daughter were checking in at the immigration and had to go through the standard screening. Daughter: What are they doing, mum? Mum: They are checking for things? Daughter: What things mum? Mum: Hmmmm...that thing? Daughter: What is that thing? Mum: Officer, can you please tell my little girl what you are checking? Officer: Getting annoyed, 'We are checking for that thing lah!' Daughter: Getting a little frighten, 'Mum, I still do not know what is that thing?' Officer overheard and screamed: That thing is that thing. No one can say it. If you say that thing you will get into trouble with me. Mum: Alright girl. No more questions. Daughter: That thing, that thing, dunno what thing. Officer: If you say that thing once more I will lock you up. This kind of thing can only happen in some primitive little islands.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I really do not get what you are trying to say. Please clarify. Thanks.

redbean said...

hi speed,

go to the singaporesurf link and read the article on a family holiday ruined by sandra tan.

Speedwing said...

Thanks Redbean, I have read the singaporesurf article. I must remember not to use the "b" word at changi.

Interesting read.

redbean said...

i feel very disgusted by the incident. a family happily preparing to go for a holiday and got messed up and the poor children were so frighten and upset by the whole incident.

really pissed me off. if it happens to me i will sue for compensation. an apology is definitely not enough.

Anonymous said...

Sue for compensation ? You really think you have a fighting chance fighting the people who created the system within the framework of their system ? You'll be lucky if they don't counter-sue you for filing a frivolous suit which is wasting the court's time. Peasants are only expected to obey the system, not question them. Debate about the system is only open to memebrs of the elite who make up that system.

redbean said...

i believe our system is still sound. it is a few bad hats that is causing the problem.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually I think our folks in immigration are less threatening than UK, Aust or US versions.

Aust immigration and customs are downright rude.

Use the word "bomb" in front of US Customs, and your life could change forever!

redbean said...

i mean if they are so terrified by the thing and will react irrationally, it does not mean that we should behave like them.

there are things call sensible and being idiotic. and such behavior is not one of being paranoid. it is bullying, like in the old communist country.