A sickening feeling

Does anyone know how it feels to work your shit out for one whole bloody month to take home $1000 and hear that other people earn $100,000 in one day? How would such lowly people think and feel? Don't blame them for begrudging. They do not know how to begrudge. They are just going bonkers! It just reinforces their sense of helplessness and unworthiness in living. Looks like it is time for the arsehole to just shut up.


Anonymous said...

Here in Singapore it is quite normal to have someone's annual salary hike exceeding another person's income for the next 30 years. Well, if you want to live in Singapore you must get used to this. Your worth is measured in dollars and cents.

redbean said...

i have been in HR for so many years. percentage increase in salary is normally a guide for the lower end but the absolute amount is what matters. At the upper end you can't simply use percentage. it is just ridiculous to give a $100k a month salary a 10% increase.

such excesses started in the US and the average americans have realised that they have been robbed by their directors and top management when they paid each other sky high salaries without the approval of small share holders.

they are now clamping down on such outright abuses which is very similar to our infamous case. as long as it is being approved by somebody or by the board, it is perfectly legal and not a crime.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Don't blame them for begrudging.

Oh but I do. The choose to whine and complain, when there is alternative choice to direct that "dissatisfaction" into improving oneself.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for our lives. If one is not earning enough (what is "enough"?) then fucking FACE IT LIKE A MAN or A WOMAN and stop blaming others or one's circumstance.

> i have been in HR for so many years. <

Yeah, and what an irresponsible cry-baby you can be.

Face up and speak the truth lah, big-wig HR person:

"If you want more value, give more value"

Anonymous said...

they are the diamond in the poo, the morphine in the penicillin and the wriggler in the goo. without them, we are meaningless and useless. they are indeed the peanut cream de saucier!

redbean said...

using any methodology know to HR, there is no salaried job that can account for one to be paid $100k or more a month, technically. it is all hype and abuses in the system especially in large corporation when the small shareholders have lost their say.

ok you are a super lawyer or surgeon you can name your price and the customer agreed to it. that is a different matter.

karl marx best described this as the state called 'dictatorship of the proletariate' where the workers assumed power and control of assets that they do not own and help themselves to it. just like napoleon and his gangs of 4 legs.