one people, one country

Great People, great country A country can only be great when its people are great. The people can only be great when their hearts are one, thinking only of country. The ruler should rule wisely, and the people should be thinking people and obey wisely. To borrow from Confucius, The ruler must be ruler, the people be people, the father be father and friends be friends. The relationship of these four groups forms the basis of a good and strong nation. When the relationship is wrong, when ruler does not rule wisely, when people do not think wisely, when father does not behave like father and when friends are less than friends, the country will be disunited. Are our ruler and people having the same dream? Are our people thinking people or blind sheep?


Matilah_Singapura said...

"The People Get The Government They Deserve"

Ain't nothing is going to change that fact. That is Nature's Law.

Anonymous said...

it is scary and very very troubling when garbagemen talks about moving from numbers to the 'intrinsick' .wow.wow.wow. can the garbagemen who know no shame and height up their pay without restrain because they are in a privileged position to commit the a legal robbery had also , for obvious reasons, chosen a self enriching platform which requires the people to compete for the highest payout and not the 'intrinsic' can actually produce intrinsic in her people? is it possible for ruthless capitalist to understand or demonstrate 'love' and 'compassion'?

the day they dare to enter the wholely of wholelies will be the day sg change from an airconditoned nation to a truly cool weathered city.

that can only happen when they are prepared to transform themseves and change the platform otherwise it will be another hollow political flatulent that they are best known for - internationally!

AsianRacism said...

You may find this site interesting:


redbean said...

we really need to have thinking people thinking, not about money but about morality. ok, ok, let them think a little about money, but not too much.

well, to some a couple of thousand could even make them sell their souls. the smarter ones will not stop at that. i think i am very reasonable, a million a year should be quite decent.