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of people or sheep

I share the views of Nurul Aziah Hussin in her letter to the Straits Times today titled 'Encourage ownership of national issues.' I quote, 'Public response to issues such as the recent debate on the ministerial pay hike, is more than an expression of "emotion" - it is the expression of citizens taking ownership of these issues, and asing our Govt to rise to the challenge of accountability and justification beyond performance legitimacy.' Basically what she said is that the people must change gear, move up, play a bigger role, take more interest in national affairs. If the people are just sheep, contend to grazing their little patches of grass and oblivious to all things around them, then what good are we as a nation...of sheep?


Anonymous said...

Through the years there were many issues that stirred the passion of Singaporeans. Many had voiced their opinion against what they considered unjust, not in the interest of the nation, penalising certain portion of the population etc, but on every occasion they had gotten nowhere. Maybe people are just taking the attitude that however loud you shout, no one will hear. Decisions have been made, enough object/discussion, lets move on.

Anonymous said...

Neither people nor sheep. s Matilah Singapura often say, "sheeple".

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yep. Sheeple.

If you won't think for yourselves, someone else will do the thinking for you... or put another way, those who don't stand for something will believe anything.

insens said...

A Nation of Sheep beget a Government of Wolves