Myth 135

The easiest job to do Many professional jobs require many years to strenous training and discipline to acquire knowledge and skills before one qualifies to practise. The lawyers, the doctors, the engineers, scientists etc. Even a chef will have to take years of training and practice to learn the rope. If we consider the discipline and years of training required as a guide to how difficult a job is, then politician is the easiest of all jobs. One can be a cook, a driver, a lecturer, an engineer, doctor or lawyer, but without any formal training, tomorrow one can become a politician. And the presumed expertise or ability is dependent on how successful one is in the previous profession. The higher one was paid before, the more able one is supposed to be as a politician. Maybe this part is a little tricky as a qualification. The loan shark or mafia boss or drug lord also earns in multiple of millions and should easily qualify as politicians. That is why in countries like Taiwan, Korea and Japan, the mafias are behind the politicians and with some becoming politicians. In brief, the requirement for a good politician is a clean moral record and be successful in any profession. Definitely much easier than any other professions.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

To qualify as a "career politician", means one has to be voted into office, by other people, It is impossible to "self-appoint" oneself as a politician, unless one lives in an completely authoritarian state.

To have a J.O.B, there must first be a market for whatever VALUE you create to be traded with customers (maybe your boss) in exchange for money. No market, no point, no job.

Drug dealers and gangsters have jobs, because there is a market for the services and products they sell: intimidation, murder, drugs, gambling, prostitution, smuggling, money laundering, racketeering etc.

Having a market come into existence means there must be enough people who DEMAND whatever it is you are producing.

No demand, no market, no job. It's as simple as that.