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Intelligence not linked to wealth I can't help but to quote this amazing truth that was confirmed by a US study. "People don't become rich because they are smart.' Jay Zagorsky, a research scientist at Ohio State University. He added that IQ has really no relationship to a person's wealth. So for those who wanted to acquire more wealth to prove that they are smart, or afraid that they will look stupid to the stupid guy who is richer than them because of money, have no fear. If you are smart, you are smart. If you are stupid you are stupid. And for those who still want to pursue more wealth to look smart, then it is a case of plain stupidity. But if you can, you should grab more. Nothing wrong with having more money even if one is stupid. Hope this will take away some pressure for some people: )

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Matilah_Singapura said...

This is misleading because there are many different types of "intelligence". (look up Google)

Unfortunately the suck-ass state education system cons people into believing that scoring high grades in exams is a sign of intelligence.

There is no mystery to becoming wealthy — and it doesn't take rocket-science IQ to understand the concept. Getting rich is really a no-brainer. I am surprised that so many people struggle with it all their lives.

Firstly, one has to realize that everyone is perpetually focused on their own self-interest. A person's self-interest in whatever beliefs and values he chooses governs his choices in thinking and behaviour. There are no exceptions to this — everyone lives in their own "reality" and acts accordingly. Accepting the fact that human beings are selfish is the most difficult thing to do for most people, because they've been conditioned to believe that selfishness is "bad". Selfishness is neither "good" nor "bad" — it is simply the "motivating force" of human nature.

Having understood that, the next step to becoming wealthy also does not require a Nobel Prize Winner degree of IQ.

"You can have ANYTHING you want in life, as long as you give enough people what THEY want in life.", to quote Zig Ziglar, and many others, including my good self.

People are motivated by self-interest. They need "stuff" to satisfy their infinite needs, wants and desires. As soon as one need is fulfilled, the next need (think of it as a cardinal i.e. subjective, hierarchy) comes "on the margin", so to speak. Every individuals demand for "need fulfillment" is what makes a market. Or to put it another way — the demand in a market is driven by human self-interest.

Again, many people have problems accepting this as they have mistakenly labeled it as "evil" or "bad", and therefore they incorrectly concluded that "markets fail because people are greedy and selfish, therefore the government has to regulate markets" — and of course those who know understand that this leads to many economic and social problems eventually leading to social problems, war, the rise of absolute political power, impoverishment, moral decay etc. I highlight the words "those who know" because most people DON'T. Those who don't are still grappling with or have rejected in total: the idea that human beings act in what they believe their self-interest is. If there is one word which should be expunged from the lexicon, that word would be selfLESSness — taken at face value, this idea is is a myth.

The thing about intelligence is that it can be IMPROVED. You do need certain "intelligences" to become wealthy — you need to be intelligent on HOW you serve others in getting their needs fulfilled. We are at any time (on the margin) LIMITED in resources — most importantly our TIME resource — therefore intelligence is required to allocate those resources effectively, and to serve as many people as possible with the best you can do.

I highlight the word serve because thats what selfish people want — to be served in such a way that their needs are fulfilled. I highlight the word "serve" because most people expect a "free lunch" and "instant wealth" and hate serving their fellow man, but choose to judge his "bad points" instead.

2 final points: there will be others doing what you are doing — serving the market. They are known as "competition" You will need special INTELLIGENCE to ensure that they don't take your market away, and that you find more selfish people to serve.

The last point is that there will be an unwelcome 3rd party in the market. They are known as The Government. The Government is famous for interfering in relationships which do not involve them — like party crashers, they simply barge into your one-on-one relationships and imposed regulations and taxes on BOTH buyers and sellers. Strange, but true. You will need special INTELLIGENCE to deal with this. It is impossible to totally wipe out the government interfering in commerce and trade, but it can be managed.


One should always help as many people get wealthy as one possible can. This is an extension of the "service" idea. No, it is not 'selflessness" it is SERVICE. In the idea of service you add value to someones life, and value is subsequently added to your life — automatically. Outstanding!

The reason to make as many people wealthy as possible is this: ultimately YOU yourself benefits. Proof? Sure...

In poorer countries people work long hours for very low pay. In richer countries people work shorter hours for higher pay — i.e. in poorer countries the purchasing power of the average individual is LOW, in richer countries it is HIGH. (There are reason for this like the capital structure of a particular country and the explicit and implicit extent of the division of labour, but I won't go into those ideas.)

Those "rich"countries did not become rich overnight — it took many years for selfish people to serve other selfish people gradually building up the individual wealth over time. "Collective" wealth is simply an expression of individual wealth.

So the key: make others rich.

Simple idea. Anyone can do it.