Myth 133

'How Much?' No no, I am not talking about minister's pay again. Practically all the things that need to be said other than the obvious have been spoken. It is time to forget and move on. I am referring to the big bucks in sports. It was horrifying to know that our dream for the World Cup Final is tainted with game fixing. Is this the reason why we will never make it to the World Cup? But if money is an issue, then our World Cup dream can easily be realised. Money is what we have. In our squeaky clean environment, it is incomprehensible to think that bribery or game fixing happens in our super league. I can expect such things to happen in other big leagues, but definitely not here. After all we are all super clean and if not, we just pay them well and the problem will simply go away. We better set up a task force to study the pay of professional footballers. And if they are not competitive enough, surely they deserve a pay rise to keep them clean. But if the problem is small enough, and we have our fame anti corruption agencies to handle them, then perhaps, no payrise is necessary. Of course the football talents would disagree. If there is no huge payrise, then more such cases will appear in the papers.


Anonymous said...

Good morning redbean, this exposed game fixing is just the tip of an iceberg. Every case that is discovered, another dozen probably went undiscovered. Squeeky clean my foot. This and all the other many form of corruptions have probably been so refined that they are avoiding detection. As you have ofen said that, to some people there will never be enough. Throw another million into the pay packet and some will probably desire more. Where does it end? Never.

redbean said...

objectivity and impartiality can only be if no vested interested is involved.