myth 130

Myth 130 Singapore leaders are the highest paid in the world 'The Taiwanese media reported on Monday that our Prime Minister's salary is 10 times that of their President's...their President gets a private jet, spending millions with each overseas trip, whereas our Prime Minister only gets to travel first class on Singapore Airlines.' Ong Ah Heng At least we have the Taiwanese who are paid more than us. And they are also facing corruption charges while we are clean.


Always the Realist said...

Redbean, it's time to let go. The decision has been made, nothing you say or do can change it now, no matter how logical and persuasive your arguments can be. Sometimes, you just have to know when it's time to throw in the towel and move on.

redbean said...

hi realist, welcome to the chat.

actually i am also a realist. the chat is just for chatting. not to think of changing anything. it is like kopitiam talk.

only the people can change things in the election. cheers.