My Sunday morning fantasy

I have a dream team that will turn Singapore into a Utopia. But you must have faith in my dream team. The Utopia will come in about 30 years time. As for the price of my dream team, $30 million each, or roughly $1 mil a month plus bonus. We will deliver as promise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, I have been following the debate in blogsphere on the topic of ministers' pay hike. As a foreigner I find this rather amusing. In May 2006 Singaporean voted in a govt with a majority of 82-2. Surely that indicates the overwhelming support for the govt. You have placed trust on this govt to provide and look after you. Their decisions good or bad MUST be accepted by the people of Singapore. You cannot say, on one hand " I trust you " and then one another hand " I do not agree " with this or that policy.

I think Singaporeans must make their minds up, either accept whatever this govt dishes out or get them out at election time.

My 2 cents worth

Anonymous said...

You forgot 1/2 of citizens did not get to vote because of walkover and that does not indicate overwhelming support for the govt.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to vote for the past 20 years and that speaks volume about how the govt puts up barrier deterring people from contesting.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the govt can put up barriers to stop you from voting indicates that they have control over the situation. Ask yourself this, " where will all these end?"

You have not voted for 20 years? whose fault is that? How come you allow yourself to be deprived of your vote? ou cannot blame anyone but yourself to allow this to happen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

alamak redbean... what kind of Sunday morning fantasy is this lah?

My Sunday morning fantasy is waking up in a bed with 4 18 year old hot Thai babes—preferably 2 sets of bi-sexual twins.


Elfred said...

Let me show you what is utopia:
Hahahaha... Just don't get too shocked.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.29pm

You hit the nail on the head. Most people have no chance to exercise their vote. Blame the system.

redbean said...

yes, the people have voted. but the people did not sign a blank cheque, just like george bush cannot send american boys to kill or be killed in iraq and make the americans pay for it.

basically you cannot sign your own paycheck unless it is your own company.

put it another way. if the govt says it is going to give the money to all singaporeans, that is a different matter not because it is giving but giving to the people and not to themselves. as long as one is making a decision that does not benefit oneself, it is less likely to be questioned.

redbean said...

on the other hand, if this issue was an election issue and the people voted for it, sure, not a problem when it is then introduced for implementation like all the upgradings.

you put them on the table for the people to decide. upfront and transparent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The difference between the US and Singapore is that the US at least has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

In Singapore it is possible to sign a blank cheque, because there is no legal way for the people to stop the govt from doing so once they are in office.

In every country however, The People Get The Government They Deserve.

Singaporeans have given the govt a mandate, time and again, to write blank cheques.