More than just MONEY

More than just MONEY Balaji Sadasivan finds more value in being a Minister of State, earning lesser money, than being a practising neurosurgeon. The position of a Minister or Minister of State is a position of a national leader and cannot be measured simply in monetary terms. So what if someone is making several millions more? A minister, the appointment as a minister, the role or function of a minister is much much more. A minister is a much respected and honoured member of our society. He is someone to be looked up to, a leader, a guardian of the people and nation. Let us not degrade the value of a minister and the respect and honour due to such a position and compare them to money. Money is just money, to be earned and spent. It is not recognised as anything worthy except as as a commodity. We should accord more respect to our political office just like in developed countries. Why would so many successful people want to take up political offices and assume the role of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers, and getting lesser income? Do they take up public office because they can take more under table money? Obviously not. These positions are positions of authority, of fame, of recognition, of being part of history. How can we equate them with cheap money? We should cease comparing the value of political office with money. For all the money that a person may earn, he is never in the same standing as the political leaders of a nation. Balaji knows when he chose to remain as a Minister of State. It is a greater honour. Money cannot buy such positions. Can it? And I am not even talking about the power that comes with it. Why is it that historically many leaders will just cling on to the seat of power and refused to let go?


Anonymous said...

you cannot put a price tag to values or human qualities. how do you peg kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness to a denominator really? do you then say kindness or forgiveness is worth certain dollars and when there is not enough of it, you raise the price to encourage more of it? if so, kindness, forbearance and all noble qualities of leadership will ebb and flow with the economy. since such monetary valuation sets conditional value to goodness, it inevitably be subjected to corruptability by its paymasters. therefore, underpinning PM's defense for higher salary contradicts an internalised commandment that's familiar with most people. it is a seriously flawed motion that reveals an equally flawed or lack in leadership. it will take a reversal in kind to set things right!

redbean said...

actually the kind of money and the perks, status, power, recognition etc is a very handsome package. the problem is the green eye syndrome. when others are earning so much, how can they get so little, a relative phenomenon.

all those earning much more will still have to kowtow to them officially and socially. they have so many things that a professional in the private sector or businessman did not have. each profession has its own set of desirables. you can have everything from every profession.