More good years

Recent events centred on the issue of succession for Hsien Loong, less than three years after he became prime minister. It was a subject he himself raised. During the debate over pay and good government, the younger Lee surprised Singaporeans by saying that the search for his successor would start now. He would be ready to name him by 2011 and he should be ready to take over by 2016. If this timetable plays out, he would have served 12 years – two years less than his predecessor Goh Chok Tong. This could mean one thing. Lee Kuan Yew will be around to help decide who will succeed his son to become Singapore’s fourth prime minister. (This was first published in The Star on Apr 28, 2007) The above is an extract of an article by Seah Chiang Nee posted in the Star newspaper. I have only copied the last part of the article. The main article dealt with the bigger role player by LKY in domestic politics recently. Chiang Nee ended by saying that LKY will be around to decide who will succeed Hsien Loong as the next Prime Minister. What is pertinent to the above quote is that the ruling govt is sure that nothing will change in this island and in the next few elections PAP will still be the ruling party. This is how predictable Singapore politics or political system is. We already know who will win the next few general elections. Singaporeans can sleep in peace that there will be more good years.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

It seems that there are too many people with idle time on their hands.

What is the point of speculating about fucking NONSENSE that may or may not occur in the future... when there so much stuff to deal with and a lot of unfinished business in the PRESENT?

In the last 10 years there have been enormous changes in the world — beyond the predictions of many so called "futurists". 10 years ago blogs like this didn't even exist, and even a small thing like blogging has had some effect on global socio-politics. Who would have predicted (and were to be believed) that 2 hijacked planes would slam into NY's World Trade Center on 11/09/2001? That event alone altered the world in the most radical ways.

The world may experience a crippling economic recession over the next 10 years, then again that may not occur. Who can say?