When ex cheat is rewarded for dishonesty This is the headline of a letter by Yap Guat Hoon. Yap was appalled by the publicity splashed across the media and questioned the value we are passing to the young or to the masses. 'As parents, we must be watchful of subtle messages that permeate our minds and that of our children. The media, too, must be on guard as it weighs the opportunity to inform and its power to influence.' Yap Guat Hoon Is there a difference between this kind of cheats and those cheating public donations? At one time, when poverty was the order of the day in China, cheating, robbery, con men, etc all became a profession, a way of life. And we too have HK movies glorifying such professionals. Gangsterism as well, with their own honour and loyalty codes. We got to be careful and be thinking, and not be misled by the glorification of tinsel towns. Or we already have accepted such values and that our mindsets have changed to become MoneyMind.


Anonymous said...

the country philosophy is very simple. priority has always been to take care of the rich. it believes that they are the reason why the masses are enjoying the 'good life'. if the rich falters, loses it preferential treatment or make less monies, the city will collapse or dissolve.

under such a political framework, the lesser mortals will have to settle for rich elites crumbs( hand to mouth subsistence/unable to retire/until another financial disaster) until excesses of their indulgences slay enough lives before the masses will awake to their senses and seek recourse.

redbean said...

actually that is darwinism. the strongest survive. and that is good for the human race.

some may call it the brutal truth. the truth is indeed brutal. the laws of natural selection must take precedence. the poor and weak must accept their fate. and the rich and powerful, if they are kinder, will make life a bit more tolerable for them to eke out a living. don't expect goodies.

christmas presents are for rich kids.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> As parents, we must be watchful of subtle messages that permeate our minds and that of our children. <

Typical idiotic statement from a lousy parent.

The role of a parent is to TEACH and ENCOURAGE their young to be able to THINK FOR THEMSELVES so that the kids can decide independently what they take in and what they reject.

As for the media—FUCK THEM. It is filled with whore-journalists and greedy editors hell bent on controlling peoples minds such that profits and advertising revenue is maximised.

Don't forget:

"You Can't Cheat An Honest Man!"

redbean said...

qualifications. i think the parent has a point. not all children can think like matilah at their tender age.