Ministerial Pay Debate

Ministerial Pay Debate Today is the day for Parliament to debate on the issue of Ministerial Pay. Let me summarise the justifications put forth so far. 1. The formula said so. According to the formula, the minister's pay is below the bench mark by $1 mil. 2. If we don't pay them the govt may become corrupt. 3. Or they may be poached by Morgan Stanley or other American companies and be paid $5 mil or more. 4. No talented people will come forward to serve. 5. Our women folks will become maids. 6. Singaporeans and the economy will suffer. While there will be a debate, I just read in the paper that there will be no voting. No need to vote? That means it will be passed. Anyway, the MPs promise to ask tough questions. Might as well since the decision has already been made and nothing they said will change the outcome. So far Dr Lim Wee Kiak has said the smartest thing. 'Instead of waiting a few years and doing a big adjustment, why not do a small adjustment every year.' Yeah man, just like bus fare increases. A little at a time, looks more affordable. $1 million increase spread out over 5 years, $200,000 a year. I hope the MPs will also ask where in the world can one earns a life time pension after serving 8 to 10 years in a job? And also it is acceptable and reasonable for people who is to benefit from the pay rise be allowed to put up the supporting reasons and decide on it as well? Don't we need an independent third party that has no interest in the formula to make the proposal and decision? But then again, where to find an independent party that has no vested interest? And with such compelling reasons put forward, how to disagree? I will abstain from commenting on the compelling reasons and let the MPs comment about them in Parliament.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, I commented on you banging your head against a brick wall in one previous posting. You are dong it again!!!!!

Do you honestly think that any MP will voice disagreement in this "debate". Come on man, they are probably secretly very happy about this increase and already planning how to spend the higher salary.

I suggest you sit back, have a beer and watch the wayang. The script has been written, actors and actresses have all learnt their lines and the show will begin.


redbean said...

hi anonymous,

this is just an avenue for us to chit chat. as you said, the debate in parliament is just for debating. there will be no voting to approve it.

in a way, we are just wayanging here also. chitchatting for the sake of chatting.

and no need to bang heads against the wall and no sleepless night: )

Anonymous said...

We need people who are passionate enough to bang heads against walls, otherwise there will never be changes and we will always be at atatus quo.

But as you say, it is all a wayang show and I can see why people have given up and accept what is dished out to them.

redbean said...

want to bang head against the wall must know the price. one of my fren used to ask, 'what's in it for me?'

this is the new culture of singaporeans. very mercenary.