A matter of values and perception

A matter of values and perception Who says the ministerial salary is high? There will be those who say the ministers are underpaid for whatever reasons. And there will be those who say that it is too high, unreasonable and unjustifiable. And some will be very angry that you say so and will tell you how important they are and that they should be paid even higher. It all depends on who you are, which angle one is looking at it and also whether you have a vested interest in it. Better not ask a minister if his salary is high. Better not ask Ng Eng Heng as he is famous for earning $4 million a year. Can we ask ministers who used to earn $200k, if there is one? And also don't ask an aspiring minister. His answer will be too obvious. Or shall we ask the people if the salary is high? Who should it matter whether the salary is high or low? Does it matter to anyone at all? I think it does not matter to anyone. Everyone will have his own view on this, right or wrong. Life goes on. Let's move on.

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