a little bit of history

During the days of the Japanese Occupation, life was tough. And the worst of human traits were allowed to be given full play. Everyone was fighting for his own survival. There was no more righteousness, no more loyalty, no pride, no shame. Many locals sold their souls to the dark side. They became informers for the Kempeitai and reported on their friends, neighbours and even relatives. Many were killed or savagely tortured by the Japanese, all because of these informers. When the Japanese surrendered, many of these informers were identified by their neighbours and beaten to death on the streets. Do not be tempted by the dark side and lose your souls.


Anonymous said...

Are you hinting that we are seeing a recurrrence of these behaviour? Are we on the road to such immorality? Are you suggesting that with the way things are today, where money and wealth have taken over our good sense of right and wrong, there is a possibility that we are heading down that slippery slope?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The fundamental reason Singapore fell to the Nips was that Singaporeans TRUSTED that drunken arsehole Winston Churchill to protect them.

Churchill played Singapore out by recalling Brit resources to fight a war in Europe against Adolf.

This is the problem with expecting someone else to defend you or feed your fat ass, or educate your snotty rude children, look after your old and incontinent parents... because you are too fucken lazy and irresponsible to do it yourself by cooperating with your fellow country men and women.

Of course people will become informants. They are kiasu. They don;t give a shit about their fellow man. Fuck it — "Either I die or you die".

Dependency breeds COWARDICE.

insens said...

OR... you can be tempted by the dark side, sell your soul, then become president and earn 3mil dollars a year.

redbean said...

singapore is quite right by making sure that the mafias and triads will not be allowed to set foot in the island. otherwise many people, innocent people, may work for them, for the money is good.

but that is also a fallacy. mafias and triads are not the only one ripping the people off, except that they use unacceptable or illegal methods.