Little birds busy catching worms

When all little birds are busy catching their worms, all things under heaven will be peaceful. Everyone will be happy making their fortune in their own ways. People will simply be turned into economic animals and be contented in what they are doing and all the merry makings. But things will not be simply wished and the problems will go away. The political animals will have a field day engineering the system to their advantage. And Rip Van Winkle will wake up one day not knowing where he is or what has happened. The world around him would have changed without him knowing, without his input and without his interest.

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Anonymous said...

Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting book which i felt ought to be banned here. This professor and author, new york times best seller somemore, has made a 'prediction' base on his 'social cycle'.

His book hinted on political corruption as the cause of our problems.

Without an indepth appreciation of the working of this great city, I find his discourse not only distasteful, but disturbingly offensive!

Go check it out- if you have the time and resources.