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kopitiam up prices

My cuppa of kopi up by 10c! This is outrageous. How can the kopitiams increase my kopi by so much, more than 10%? We must protest to bring down the unjust increase. My pay has not increased and they are already increasing my kopi. But I would like to offer my secret formula to the kopitiams, at a fee of course, so that when they increase their prices, no one can complain that it is not justified. All they need to do is to peg it to some bankers or top income earners' salary. So when their income goes up, automatically the price of the kopi must go up. Objective and transparent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean,

Prices of things "cuppa kopi" at neighbourhood kopitiam already went up during the CNY, prices agreed upon thru a cartel of kopitiam owners of coz. (apparently taking advantage of the impending rise of GST in July, where price will go up "again")Of coz CASE was saying they will look and check on unscpulous merchants taking advantage of this.... but..

Where do they got their example from? Eg, SGH announced price hike for services in early March, even before GST come into play..........

Gahmem asking for increase in pay....

You can go on and on and on... what a unique place we called home ... isn't it? =)

Anonymous said...

Who suffers? Consumers of course. For the coffeeshop owners and majority of food vendors, the GST is a blessing in disguise. In fact, this is their opportunity to passs the buck to the consumers. We can't really blame them since the Government is doing exactly the same thing.CASE will check on unscrupulous merchants? You really must be joking.