Is this debate worth it?

Is this debate worth it? A definite yes from the PAP's point of view. It is an opportunity to air all the misconceptions and misunderstanding about the pay rise. It is all about transparency and that they have nothing to hide. And the PAP has achieved its objectives of explaining to the people and the people are satisfied with the explanation and justification for the formula and the pay rise. My impression is totally reverse. I think this is a serious tactical mistake on the part of the PAP. Once the formula is out for the airing, it was torn to pieces by everyone, the men on the street as well as inside Parliament. Only the converted will still want to believe that everything is alright and the formula is still worthy of what it was set out to be. The presentation of the charts etc did more harm than good to its cause. The whole debate is not only creating a big doubt. It confirms a lot of things which the people were not happy about. It reinforces the cynicism and scepticism that were once only heard in whispers. Now it is spoken loud and clear in Parliament and in prints in the MSM. Anyone agree or disagree with my assessment?


Matilah_Singapura said...

I point out your faulty premise on which you base your "argument"— you are assuming that the increases in minister's pay has been rejected by the majority. That is INCORRECT—the majority of people support it, even if the do so begrudgingly.

A debate gives a voice to the opponents of the idea—it is healthy, and it goes on the public record. A debate will not alter the fact that the ministers are going to get their pay rises, and that's that.

I am slowly reversing my original position of opposition to the increase in minister's pay—yes, that's right—Matilah_Singapura might be "going over to the dark side" and agreeing with LKY on this issue.

Over the las week or so some lightbulbs went off in my twisted but lucid mind—the old Shakespearian saying:

"The lady doth protest too much",

on the part of the Singaporeans who are so vocally opposed to the govt paying itself BIG BUCKS.

Basically the meaning of Shakespeare's quote is this:
When there is so much protest and opposition, there might be an underlying false premise (which leads to contradictions), or even a LIE which is trying to be covered up...

...and the lie, or contradiction, or false premise is this: That the Singapore Government is to provide EVERYTHING to the citizens—housing, education, healthcare, retirement funds, a stable currency, a high standard of living, clean abundant water, security, jobs, re-design of the city, entertainment and arts (e.g. The Esplanade), future for their children, care for the elderly etc etc etc.

In other words, Singaporeans want to be LOOKED AFTER by their state...

.... but the Stingy Motherfuckers don't want to PAY FOR IT!

FUCK YOU! Sheeple of Singapore! You need to be bitch slapped, you bunch of LOSERS! Hahahaha...

Elfred said...

I have personally tested the 'waters'.
My output: Don't trust anyone.