The irony of it all

The irony of it all The people who are struggling to make ends meet and slogging away are all silent while the fat cows are screaming for more. In a society like ours, those who are earning less than $3k a month, not to mention those earning less than $1k, are just living from hand to mouth. Anyone who earns $20k a month are very comfortable. Anything more than that will either go to their savings or for more luxury. And it is this latter group that keeps saying 'I want more and more and more.' It is so distasteful. Oops, I am wrong. I have lost touch with reality, with the people's aspiration, and the brutal truth.


Anonymous said...

People will always want more. I am sure as a Singaporean you too wouThe like to have more. It is not wrong to want more for the betterment of life, but when this turns to greed then it becomes evil. When you are paid $1.2 million and you still demand an increase of another million, then there is something fundermentally wrong with the system. How much is enough?? The way I see it, the rich in Singapore will never know how much will be enough.

Abao said...


For the 5% living in extreme poverty, maybe even $600 is enough for them.

For the teen who desires for every gizmo/ fashionable item, they may need a thousand dollars a month.

For the sole breadwinner (with a family to support), he may need $5000 a month.

For the hikkikomori's, so long as their food, electricity and virtual life is secure they do not need money at all.

For the punters, i million in a lifetime will be enough for them.

For ministers, how much is enough? (Last count at S$2.2million dollars a year, to be implemented in april 2007)
I really dont know what to say anymore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can't help but want more—that is human nature. Man is a "utility maximising" being. As soon as he had one need satisfied, he'll want MORE to deal with another one of his needs.

Even if a person says he wants to work less, it means that he wants MORE time to do something else—perhaps play with his kids. He also might sacrifice his money so that he gets to be MORE charitable, or MORE generous.

This phenomenon of humans, by their nature, wanting MORE leads to the HOW does one get MORE?

To get more, you have to give more, it is that simple. So if you want to be MORE charitable, you must give more. If you want to be MORE content, you must give something up to achieve that contentment.

Similarly, if you want to be MORE wealthy in the material sense, you had better give out MORE value to your customers.

People who earn money off the public purse however are not bound by this fact of nature the rest of us have no choice in. So if they want more, they simply AWARD themselves more. VOILA! No price to be paid for an increase in value to oneself.


After they've expressed their discontent, the "rationally ignorant" mums and dads simply return to their work, and look after their own interests and tend to their families—what is the point of protesting the fat cats? No amount of protest is going to stop them from getting their pay rises.

redbean said...

i think our supertalents do not want more. it is just that their salaries are pegged to some top earners. so when the income of top earners go up, theirs too must also go up. and when these incomes come down, theirs too will come down.

blame it on the formula.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>i think our supertalents do not want more. blame it on the formula. <

What a cock thing to say... really, redbean.

If they do not want more, how come none of them has come out and said "Actually, hor, I don't want more money... I'm happy with what I'm getting..."


redbean said...

eh tambi,

can i talk cock or not : )

redbean said...

i agree with you abao.