The inevitable is here

Today is a very important day. Luckily it is not April 1.

Ominous signs are everywhere, from the front page of the major news media and through all the pages. It is the sign a sickness that will eventually eat up everything. We have gone down the slippery road and everyone is cheering what a great ride it is as we go down.

When it is time for a change, it will come and nothing can be done about it. All the factors will pull and push towards the change. And don't be surprised it will come much sooner than expected.


Anonymous said...

What a pessimist you are redbean. You of all people should know that whatever change we have in Singapore will be changes for the better. Sit back and enjoy the ride and don't be a wet blanket. Look on the bright side of things and everything will turn out well. We have a good captain for our ship, a well paid discipline crew and above all a very understanding and well behaved population.

redbean said...

thanks for reminding me. i think singaporeans are made of stronger stuff. or else we won't be here today. revolving door or one party dominant system, there are enough talented singaporeans to carry on. if singapore's survival is dependent on keeping a few talents forever, then we are in deep shit.

everyone is dispensable. the old formula for success is the new formula for failure.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, do you enjoy being a "victim"?

redbean said...

it is not whether i enjoy being a victim. only an idiot will enjoy being a victim.

organisation is strength. no individual can fight against an organisation.