A higher calling

Singapore is a very good place to live and to make a fortune. And there are many who have taken full advantage of the conducive environment to make the best of their lives. Many have become multi millionaires and billionaires. We have a little paradise here. And I mean it. While many have made it in life and been very successful, the next thing that comes to mind is the higher calling. What next when you have everything? Some have answered to God's calling. Some have taken on social causes in fighting poverty or saving animals or the environment. They have done these as a cause, not for the money, but for a higher calling. A few have stepped into politics to serve the people and nation. But far too few. This has created a problem, it seems. And some, whose only meaning in life is to accumulated more money and more money, thinks that the only way to attract such good and talented people into politics, to serve the people, is to give them more money. Money will solve every problem. Just throw the money at them. Just because someone is only motivated by money, it does not mean that others will equally be motivated by money. Human beings are made differently. Some will easily succumbed to greed and other failings of human weaknesses. Some will be steadfast and will not compromise themselves and their values at any cost. The rest are in between. Take a look around us and it is very easy to find at least a couple of hundreds of very good and decent people who have all the money they need in life, lasting for a few generations, that would be as good at those in the govt. Why are these good men and women not coming forward to serve? Serving the nation and people is another higher calling that many will do it just for peanuts. Does anyone know the reasons? Does anyone know? While we are pondering the reasons, let's not insult the whole population by thinking that everyone is moneyminded and thinking selfishly of themselves. And that we can throw money at people to join politics. If these people come forward because of money, then they are not the right people to attract.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think that any Singaporeans will actually become MPs because of their callings? I think not. None I can see are there because they have the ordinary folk at heart. I think all the callings they have will be from their bank managers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Why are these good men and women not coming forward to serve? <

Another case of faulty redbean logic here.

Joining the government IMO is NOT serving—it is SCREWING your fellow-man and woman. It is seizing the reigns of absolute power to stroke your own ego, and taking money which is stolen rather than earned at an HONEST living.

There are many hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans who are decent enough to engage in PRIVATE activities to help their fellow man by TRUE VOLUNTARY SPIRIT. It is quite ODD that you fail to notice this.

Go to any institution of worship, and you will find community based groups helping voluntarily. There are groups like the Rotary, the Freemasons etc who have been around for years SERVING THE COMMUNITY.

It is amazing that you who write thousands of words every fucking day are blind or ignorant of these fact.

Wake the fuck up lah!

redbean said...

matilah, how can you make such insulting remarks about honourable people who stepped forward to serve?

there are always honourable men in public service, but ok, some dishonourable ones as well. and there are many dishonourable ones in other charitable services and some honest ones as well.

you cannot make sweeping statements like that. i always allow some rooms for errors.

just like there are thinking employees and unthinking employees who only say 'yes master.'