Have ministers lost their moral authority to lead?

This is a thread in the YPAP forum. And my answer is NO. They have explained very clearly that it is not the money, it is not for them. The pay hike is for the future, to attract future talents. And Hsien Loong is even going to donate his pay hike to charity to prove that it is not the money. And what about the rest? They will do it quietly, not ostentatiously. And since the pay hike is not for them, they did not lose their moral authority to lead. period. Can't the people understand and accept the explanation and move on? What do the people want now?


Anonymous said...

firstly, i distinctively remembered that he made reference to some 'good causes' with the extra cash proposed and self approved later . there was no mentioned of charity. 'good causes' -whatever that means - could also mean more money making ideas etc you think?

in any case, i think one of the problem lies in that the fathers of this nation have seriously taken to the idea that this tiny island truly belongs to them! but can you blame them when it has been driven into them year after year for the past 41 years that they now behave as if they are the RIGHTFUL OWNERS? wouldn't that explains, besides being elected to rule, why they can tell who to leave, who should stay, who gets what, who gets not, who is deserving and who not? as the ones who are credited for the 'success' of this nation, they can decide who sits next to them and thus duely rewarded, and who sits in the prison cells. they also decide on which industry should make plenty of money, which businesses should close or go bankrupt. as the omnipotent owners of this island, they decide on the citizens fate. they are the ultimate beneficiary and the ultimate disciplinarian of the people and their welfare. and thus, they can reward themselves richly and pay peanut's skin to the destitute. therefore as SOLE OWNERS( some argued by default of an unjust system) of this tiny island, they need not listen to the people( should be the legal spouse in relation) nor care about their views, dreams and concerns.

as they say, the rest is history when you had considered every major decisions made have been mostly acts of INSOLENT, on their part, DISRESPECT and DISHONOR to their rightful spouse or people!

and since they OWN this place...why should the people even bother at all?

Matilah_Singapura said...

False premise: The belief that people voted into office have some kind of "moral authority" to lead people.

Fact— REAL men and women do not need to be LED. They are well capable of thinking for themselves and choosing actions in their own self-interest, according to their own INDIVIDUAL moral code.

Sheep and cattle—i.e. SHEEPLE need to be led, because they are either too stupid or too lazy (or booth) to think and act themselves.

In my opinion they never had the "moral authority" in the first place. Sure, they can ban this and outlaw that—but they do so BY FORCE because they have the laws and the guns behind them.

No human has the moral authority over another human—except in a child-parent/guardian relationship, and even that is limited in a strict context.