good news!

Good news! 'MINISTERS' salary will rise to $1.6 million from $1.2 million by end of this year. Announcing the pay rise, Minister in-charge of civil service, Teo Chee Hean said on Monday, ministers' pay will be raised further to $1.94 million by end of 2008.' posted by legolas in YPAP forum. Let's hope the ministers are happy with the pay rise and we can have a clean and honest govt. Singaporeans are so lucky that they are not asking for the full offset of the shortfall according to the formula.


Lim Peh said...

Good to know how much of the GST increase goes towards financing the gahment & civil services pay increases. Also, how many percent of the citzens (less all the foreign talents) or should we say the peasants that do not have such generous pay increases. Very interesting after forcing the GST increase down everyone's throat the gahment find it so necessary to reward themselves with such generous pay increases! If this is not enriching themself than the gahment must have done a superb job of re-defining the meaning of open corruption.

Anonymous said...

good news for whom really?

more than 90% of the population probably don't even earn the difference of the increase let alone their current pay. am i proud of the transformation bragged to justify their pay? not really because the costs of progress caused the demise( literal and alot poorer) of many singaporeans. it destroyed many families, reduced birthrates and resulted many leaving their home country. the progress has not carried the people with them instead, left them behind working much harder and longer leaving nothing much for values and family life.if progress had taken into considering of the average singaporean to keep step without sacrificing the intrinsic or had mitigated mass bankrupcies, business failures, assets deflation that wipe out their wealth, suicides and destruction of marriages because of money woes etc, the current leadership and many elites would not have commanded their current remuneration.

simply put, the people aren't ready for such an instantaneous transformation in 40 years especially in such a city. but then, a progress that's kinder to the people will not have reap that kind of salaries for the cream of the crop now would it?

you might as well hire outsiders to run your family business and have them pay themselves top dollars at the expense of your family members and yourself! now why would you do that?

redbean said...

hi lim peh,
welcome to the chat.

they deserve to be paid well. the gst and the ministerial pay rise are all for the good of the people and country. only that the people have lower iq and cannot appreciate the intrincacies of these decisions. and very difficult to explain and make the people understand. i also a bit blur but act like i understand also.

you and anonymous need to think deeply, raise yourself to a higher level of iq to be able to understand all these.

just remember that it is good for the people and country.

Anonymous said...

As the NTUC chief said, the minister's payrise is for the good of the people.

I am sure the people will 'feel good' with the impending increse in transport fares and the implementation of the 'means testing' for hospitalisation.

More good years! Let's move forward! No one will be left behind!