the end is near

When $1 is enough and $1 mil is not enough. When 80 people can decide to sell your property or the roof over your head. When reasons failed to convince, just use threats. When other people earn more than you, then you deserve to earn more. When your money is no longer your money. When cheats are glorified and highly applauded simply because they cheated, oops, they earned a lot of money by other than the accepted means. When frauds in the millions cannot be brought to justice. When the passion to serve the nation and people is lesser than the passion to make millions. When everything is measured in terms of dollars. The end is near.


Anonymous said...

the creative destruction will be a mainstay so as to ensure an impressive enough national figure generated which will then allow the delusionary power to continue a record breaking overstay. all homes will be destroyed subsequently, enbloc style, to make way for recyclable progressive homes. this is an enriching program few can resist and thus, affirms the qualitative commitment and dedication to the country by its people until a final juncture arrives.

Anonymous said...

The end is near, Redbean?

Not a chance ! As long as status quo is maintained nothing will change. ten years from now you will still be predicting the same gospel. I will bet my bottom dollar that nothing in Singapore will ever change because the mentality of Singaporean will always be as it is today, or maybe more pronounce. As long as the Singaporeans place monetary and material possessions before compassion and kindness to fellow beings, than there will never be changes.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> When everything is measured in terms of dollars.
The end is near. <

What kind of logic is this?

The kind they teach in the public school system, no doubt.

redbean said...

its elementary. how much? no money? next please.

nothing will change that is for sure. this is the new singapore and the faster we get use to it the better. just make sure that you work and earn your keeps, as much as possible. no one is gonna be sorry for you if you have no dole in the pocket.

but the bottom line is $290, that is if you qualify. that is our kind of basic wage. at the other end, the sky's the limit. go for it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore was built on CAPITALISM. In fact it is the most developed SE Asian nation, and the 2nd wealthiest in Asia next to Japan (an ex-conqueror of Singapore) because of CAPITALISM.

It has always been "no money no talk" society, what's so wrong with that?

That means that if you want to "talk" you have to have money, which means you cannot afford to be self-pitying or lazy. Go out and WORK—like everyone else, like our forebears and ancestors who struggled so that we are where we are today.

Even if you want to be compassionate, generous or charitable—you have to have wealth and value in your own life first.

redbean said...

if capitalism is allowed to go full swing without any moderating, it will eventually be consumed by human greed.

that is why communism will always be the anti thesis of capitalism. that is why napoleon and his gang will be overthrown one day and the cycle repeated.