down with silly virtues and idealism

Virtues and benevolence in public office are passe I read with amazement, Chua Mui Hoong's article that in the present new age of Moneyism, old virtues should be dumped. Forget about Confucianism. Just think Money with a capital M. She also said that only the ministers and PAP MPs were strongly in support of high pay for ministers and the opposing voices came from the opposition and NMPs. This is only a simple generalisation as some MPs also spoke candidly about their opposition. What I am uneasy about is whether Chua Mui Hoong is extolling the new virtues of money talks? No money no talks. No money no public service, no passion for service to nation and people. Sacrifice is now an anachronism. And she put it as if this is what the new generation of Singaporeans are today. Is that a true picture? Are the people all so money minded? Are there no longer any saints or heroes among Singaporeans who would work just for a paltry $1 million in public service? Are chivalry, duty and honour, all to be dumped into the waste bin? I am wondering what are we teaching our young in schools today? I am also wondering what are we telling our soldiers and our civil servants? Would every Singaporean walk into his boss' office and ask, 'How much?'

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Matilah_Singapura said...

> Are the people all so money minded?

No, not all. The quiet ones have figured it out and look at money merely as the tool it is—a medium of exchange. There is never a "shortage" of money. There is enough around for everyone to fulfill their needs, wants and desires... but they won't teach you about that in school.

In school they teach you to be "addicted to money".

> I am wondering what are we teaching our young in schools today? <

Useless bullshit for the most part—stuff that will not lead you to self-actualisation, nor will you discover your true purpose for existence, or ramp up your passion so that you'd stay positive and take big risks to realise big dreams.

No sir, in PUBLIC school, they kill your passion and trun you into a WAGE SLAVE—i.e. addicted to money.

Education is of fundamental importance. It is too important and too valuable to be handed over to The State for implementation.